Why Softwashing is Best for Brick Cleaning

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From home siding to walkways, there are many outdoor places where homeowners may have brick on their property. Like any other material constantly exposed to the outdoors, your brick surfaces will need to be cleaned from time to time to make sure they’re in good condition. When it comes to brick cleaning, you’re best off utilizing a softwashing technique. Softwashing is an alternative to pressure washing that is gentle on outdoor surfaces but tough on contaminants like dirt and algae.

Why Softwashing is Best for Brick Cleaning

Here are a few reasons why softwashing is preferred for brick cleaning.

  • It won’t damage your brick. Pressure washing’s harsh pressure can damage your brick by chipping away at the surface. On the other hand, softwashing doesn’t damage brick and other more delicate outdoor surfaces. You don’t want your brick cleaning service to damage your brick, so make sure you go with softwashing rather than pressure washing.
  • It lasts longer. No one wants to have to hire professional cleaning services shortly after hiring them for the first time. Because pressure washing relies more on pressure than a special chemical solution to wash away contaminants, it isn’t as effective as the cleaning solution that softwashing utilizes. The results you get from softwashing will last much longer than those from pressure washing.
  • It yields more noticeable results. Not only do the results of softwashing last longer than pressure washing, but they’re also noticeably cleaner. Water can only wash away so much filth, but softwashing is much more equipped to handle all sorts of contaminants, including algae, plant growth, moss, and more.

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